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Don't be afraid to Fail.

If you don’t succeed, the real failure will be not using that experience as a ladder to improve yourself. If you fail again, fail better. Find help and find mentors. Be critical with yourself, not to destroy your confidence, but rather, to build a better version of you, always keeping realistic expectations.

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Did you know that a PhD is usually free for the student?

Unlike doctorates in medicine (MD) or in law (JD), in the United States the cost of a PhD is usually subsidized through a combination of the doctoral program, the thesis laboratory, external scholarships and assistantships. In addition, apart from not having to pay for their studies, most PhD students in science receive a monthly stipend for their personal expenses.

 Although this is not a secret among academics, if you are beginning to consider postgraduate education, you may never have heard this information before. 

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